The Early Years Education Programme aims at  contributing to the emotional, physical, social and intellectual development of the young ones. It develops  a positive and balanced image of themselves, helps them  acquire personal independence and increase its effective capabilities.

We promote children’s development through play and structured activities. This  prepares them for a smooth transition to the primary school


Events outside the Classroom

The Kindergarten prides in having a painting station outside the classrooms. Pupils enjoy painting activities that help to build their creativity.

Play Park

Physical enjoyment and body building. Different activities at the play park help the learners to build their large motor muscles as they enjoy themselves.

We have a secure play area for kids to jump and play under supervision of our teachers, and also a footbal, physical education field where they can nurture their outdoors.

Resource Centre.

We have our Resource Centre to widen-up learning experiences through E-learning and E-reading. We shall keep advancing it and ensuring we are up-to-date with the current materials for Kindergarten level.

Swimming Classes.

We have a world class tournament swimming pool and a qualified trainer at hand to teach the pupils on great swimming skills. we also have a baby size pool to help the students in basic swimming lesons before they venture into the bigger pool


Work without play makes Jack a dull boy

Participation of children in psychomotor activities play a big role in their holistic development and this is seen in their:

A. Motor skills development and performance

B. Educational potential

As children participate in the aforementioned activities, they learn about important values such as: – turn taking

– respect for themselves and others

– adherence to rules and regulations

– honesty

Play also helps children to develop self-esteem and confidence especially after managing a challenging task. Sports enable children to deal with competition and how to cope with winning and losing.


The pupils enjoy a balanced and nutritional diet through the week. Soft food that is easy to digest and chew for the little ones is provided. Fruits in season are provided to boost the vitamin nutrients in their diet.


We have a safe transport system that picks students from their homes every morning and drops them in the afternoon. Our highly maintained school van are fitted with safety belts and other first aid gadgets that ensure the safety of students. Each vehicle has a minder that controls the students while on transit. The route plan/schedule is available at the office.


We adhere to children’s rights and child protection protocols. All measures are in place to ensure safety in school. In classrooms, swimming pool, play park, fields and all around the school facility, Safety is fundamental, comes first.


• Commitment to the whole child – We are committed to the physical, academic, emotional and social development of each child.
• Inclusivity – We respect and value all children, their families and their cultures and provide a learning culture that celebrates the differences and similarities that make each of us unique.
• Accountability – We are accountable to all parents, staff, students, donors, and funders.
• Transparency – We are committed to having open and complete communication with all stakeholders.
• Partnership – We will partner with parents and the community to foster learning.
• Leadership – We are committed to being the leader in education. We provide an academic setting for limitless learning through individualized, developmentally informed education and care of children.
• Creativity – Our promise to our families is to create an innovative curriculum which inspires individuality, confidence, self-expression and creative thinking.


Our Mission
To provide exceptional education that incorporates creative, inclusive, student- focused learning within a safe and welcoming environment.
Our Vision
To be the world class Centre of Academic Excellence that nurtures and inspires innovators of tomorrow.
School Motto
Recognizing the Brilliance in Every Student

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