BOFA Elementary School caters for students from Baby Class, Grade 1 & Grade 2
Class age groups may vary, dependent upon the previous education experience of each student.
Enrolment admissions are accepted through-out the year and students are able to commence their first day of school mid-term if necessary.


Children learn to be able to separate from their parent and enjoy exploring the fun environment of the Stepping Stones environment, choosing favourite activities and exploring new ones.


At this level the young ones begin academic based activities on themes outlined in syllabus.The pupils are also taught sounds and numbers.
The themes covered are basically derived from the world around us.This help the child to interact positively in the environment and to be more aware of themselves and others therefore developing critical thinking, self awareness,creativity and problem solving skills.


This class comprises of pupils at age four. Pupils come from Baby Class having learnt the sounds a – z and are building up on language, making, reading and writing two and three letter words.
They are still learning the aspect of sharing items of play, learning and feelings. They are also acquiring logical thinking, negotiation skills and survival skills.
They are being trained how to be independent, confident and building their self-esteem through learning activities. Well articulated and integrated learning activities help to develop a holistic child.


The children have grown through the two stages of foundation learning and are on their way to Preparatory School.
The Pupils are confident in performing their learning activities, guiding their juniors in School activities day in day out.

They are the big brothers and sisters in the Kindergarten. How heartbreaking it is for them, though graduating to higher level, to leave the warmth of the Kindergarten in which they have thrived to grow academically and physically.

For year level and age group queries, please get intouch with the school,
by calling (+254) 725 558 257, or by emailing me:

BOFA Elementary is a unique school as it offers a bespoke programme to cater to the individual needs of each student. It can do this because it’s a small, boutique school.
We are happy and the school community is warm and welcoming to all citizens of the world, both local and international.

Our Mission
To provide exceptional education that incorporates creative, inclusive, student- focused learning within a safe and welcoming environment.
Our Vision
To be the world class Centre of Academic Excellence that nurtures and inspires innovators of tomorrow.
School Motto
Recognizing the Brilliance in Every Student

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